Linzhi ASICs, Shenzhen

Homepage for fabless semiconductor company focusing on crypto ASICs.

About Linzhi

Linzhi Ltd is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company in Shenzhen.
We are a self-funded startup with about 10 people, focusing on crypto ASICs.


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2019-Sep-11: Linzhi E1400 Ethash ASIC Tapeout
Taped out our 1400 MH Ethash ASIC - more in LinzhiCorp on Telegram

2018-Sep-13: Ethash Miner Announcement, ETC Summit, Seoul
Specs: Ethash, 1400 MH/s, 1000 Watts, price commitment 4-6 months ROI.
Schedule: 12/2018 TapeOut, 04/2019 Samples, 06/2019 Mass Production.

Linzhi Working Papers

Ideas for future papers: Proof-of-Work Glossary, ASIC design workflow, datasheets, roadmap, Proof-of-Contribution.

LWP13 ASICs: A Manufacturer’s Perspective.
LWP12 The Future of Proof-of-Work.
LWP11 Linzhi E1400 Ethash ASIC Tapeout.
LWP10 EIP 1057 (ProgPoW): Open Chip Design for 1% cost/power increase.
LWP9 ASIC Feasibility Study in 5 Steps.
LWP8 ECIP 1043 (Ethash 1GB DAG) Revisited.
LWP7 Does the origin of open-source code matter?
LWP6 Bridging the Hardware-Software Divide.
LWP5 Linzhi Telegram January 7 to 29, 2019. Lessons Learned.
LWP4 ASIC Resistance is a State of Mind.
LWP3 Achieving Mining Dominance. How cost advantage drives centralization.
LWP2 Call to Ethereum Developers for ASIC Guidelines.
LWP1 About Linzhi.