About Linzhi

Linzhi Ltd is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company in Shenzhen.

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We are studying new opportunities, feel free to reach out by email to hello@linzhi.io.


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Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Github, Medium, Youtube, Email: hello@linzhi.io

Linzhi Working Papers

LWP18:  History of Bitcoin Mining Hardware. (PDF, Medium)
LWP17:  What Is Memory-Hard? (PDF, Medium)
LWP16:  Linzhi E1400 Ethash ASIC - Architecture Overview. (2019 Conference) (PDF, Video, Medium)
LWP15:  EIP 1057: Posts Against ProgPoW - May-Sep 2019. (PDF)
LWP14:  On Whistleblowing. (PDF, Medium)
LWP13:  ASICs: A Manufacturer's Perspective. (2018 Conference) (PDF, Video)
LWP12:  The Future of Proof-of-Work. (2017 Conference) (PDF, Video)
LWP11:  Linzhi E1400 Ethash ASIC Tapeout. (PDF, Medium)

LWP10:  EIP 1057 (ProgPoW): Open Chip Design for 1% cost/power increase. (PDF, Medium)
LWP9:  ASIC Feasibility Study in 5 Steps. (PDF, Medium)
LWP8:  ECIP 1043 (Ethash 1GB DAG) Revisited. (PDF, Medium)
LWP7:  Does the origin of open-source code matter? (PDF)
LWP6:  Bridging the Hardware-Software Divide. (PDF, Medium)
LWP5:  Linzhi Telegram January 7 to 29, 2019. Lessons Learned. (PDF, Medium)
LWP4:  ASIC Resistance is a State of Mind. (PDF)
LWP3:  Achieving Mining Dominance. How cost advantage drives centralization. (PDF, Medium)
LWP2:  Call to Ethereum Developers for ASIC Guidelines. (PDF)
LWP1:  About Linzhi. (PDF)

See you down the road.